Is it a photograph, or a computer rendering?

In creating these images, I sought a very specific aesthetic, one informed by years of enjoying video games. Indeed, maybe you thought that they were computer generated? Of course they are photographs. Slightly uncanny photographs. I’m want to understand: What makes an image uncanny? I have some ideas.

ISOMETRICA is a journey into the Uncanny Valley. I explore the contradictory concepts of absolute fidelity and technical perfection embodied by modern photographic equipment, against how computer-generated images appropriate “authenticity” through the deliberate degradation of quality (e.g. distortion, perspective, vignetting, simulated film grain).

The images in ISOMETRICA are composed and lit to appear plastic and artificial, then shot using vintage photographic equipment to capture the aesthetic of a deliberately imperfect computer rendering. The juxtaposition of unexpected subjects adds to the unsettling feeling each image conveys.

Read the blog post on 35mmc to learn more about the story behind this photographic series.