Amsterdam By Bike

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Peddle harder, the press of traffic in the narrow bicycle lane won’t carry you, it will rush past you, mere centimeters separating you from a nasty spill. You can’t upshift, you can only move your feet faster, hold the handlebars steady, don’t drift into the passing bakfiets. Left turn coming up, hand out and signal now, or miss it.

Bicycling Amsterdam is a practice of balance, aerobic exercise, and constant attention. It is not an opportunity to appreciate your surroundings, to take things in. Which is a shame, because there is so much happening in the city.

So I thought: What if I attached a camera to my handlebars to capture these events for me, so that I could focus on riding now and enjoy the view later?

So I did. And I rode and I captured. Now, I present to you: Things I almost missed while running errands in Amsterdam by bike.